From our 2017 Conference on Stigma

Comments from International Conference on Stigma 2017! Stay tuned as we will be adding more:

“Phill is inspiring!”

“Phill Wilson was fantastic!”

“Phill Wilson woke everyone up with his energy and storytelling ability”

“I enjoyed the information on PrEP Stigma”

” I would like to hear more about PrEP use for the African American Community and research that is being done to address that population”

“I liked their stories”

“I would like to hear about HIV negative children with HIV positive parents”

“More time for questions!”

“There was a real connection and intersectionality”

“Wonderful panel with concrete evidence of research findings”

“Different points of view”

“I learned a lot of new things about stigma. They were interesting”

“All speakers are very descriptive and well spoken. It kept me interested”

“Sound could be improved”

“Great graphics and visuals”

“I like the diversity but would like to see more age groups, especially teens.”

“Open, frank, informative”

“Honesty and transparency of the presenters”

“I liked the combination of scientific research and personal stories. Everything was informative and impactful”

“These researchers did not use their professional jargon to express their point. They spoke in layman’s terms. They were very informative.”

“Please begin on time so that presenters are not rushed.”

“I liked the honesty”

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