Webcast 2020

Faces of Stigma
November 16-20, 2020
Virtual Conference: Webcast

Monday, November 16th Faith-Based Day

Faith in Resilience and Renewal: Healing the Divide

HIV & Faith in Resilience and Renewal: Reaching Vulnerable Communities

HIV & Faith in Resilience and Renewal-Framework for Dialogue

Tuesday, November 17 Personal and Professional Development Day

How To Be Your Own Self-Advocate: From Your House to the White House

Being Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, is not just for Rich People

Storytelling For Advocacy: How To Share Your Lived Experience And Change Policy

Meditation & Mindfulness 101: Let’s Meditate & Chill

Wednesday, November 18

Opening Session

Research Plenary: Making Black Lives Matter in Intersectional Stigma Health Research and Practice

Lunch Session/ Entertainment

MEN: Men Excluding No one: A Conversation on HIV and Stigma

Which Stigma?: Fighting Oppression at the Intersections of HIV & Reproductive Justice for Women & Girls of African Descent

Hiding behind the Mask: COVID19 and Disability Stigma

Thursday, November 19

Scientific Abstracts Session

Poster Presentations Live Session

Mid-Atlantic AIDS Education and Training Center (MAAETC) Workshop

Thursday Lunch Session

Is Stigma Killing Us? – A Conversation with the Trans Community

All Grown with HIV: Now What?

Research Plenary: Interconnectedness Matters

Internalized Stigma Workgroup

Social Determinants Workgroup

Risk Perception Workgroup

Faith Based Session The Truth about Faith and HIV

Friday, November 20

International Session

Friday Lunch Session/ Art Session

Town Hall / Open Mic

Memorials / Closing Words


Compilations of Stigma Stories

“Do you know?” Series