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“My Story- Who Can I Tell?  Disclosure…Harm…Healing”

TUESDAY November 14th 
Please Note: Many Tuesday sessions were not recorded

The “You” in Stigma (Not recorded)

Social Determinants of Health – A brief history: Looking towards the future (Not recorded)

Resisting and Reducing Internalized Stigma in Varied Contexts (Not recorded)

My Story: From Stigma to Healing in HIV Care and Prevention (Not Recorded)

Spilling the Tea, Real Conversation with Cis and Tran Gender Women, Take 2
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Resilience and Revolution: Black Women Breaking Stigma

Wednesday, November 15th

Virtual Breakfast

Opening Session

International Session

Plenary Session 1: My Story- Who Can I Tell? Disclosure…Harm…Healing

Scientific Abstracts Session and Art Winners Announced

HIV- The Good the Bad and the Ugly: What Works and What Doesn’t Work? (pending)

Facial Disfigurement: The neglected human rights issue

Overcoming the Stigma: The USPHS Study of Untreated Syphilis in Tuskegee and Macon County, AL (1932-1972) and the Holmesburg Prison Experiments (1951-1974)

Stigma and Behavioral Health: Are You Seeing Clearly?

Multilevel perceptions of the role of disclosure in trauma-focused research: Community, clinical, and research perspectives

Telling Our Stories to Fight Stigma: Living with HIV and HCV

Short Film, Human First

Thursday November 16

Compassion in Action: Faith-Based Harm Reduction Initiatives

Friday, November 17

Opening Session

Gilead Sponsored Keynote Address: Transforming the South: Addressing Stigma and Its Impacts on HIV in the US South

Plenary Session: My Story- Who Can I Tell? Disclosure…Harm…Healing (Part 2)

Rana Family Speaker Series on Social Justice in Health Keynote: Nourishing Communities: Dismantling Systems of Food Injustice

Awards and Announcements (pending)

“I Have Sickle Cell Disease” Sharing your diagnosis: Babies to Seniors (pending)

  What We Know and What We Must Do (Positive EntreEmpowerment Men’s Group)

The Black Voice Project: Overcoming the Stigma of Being Returning Citizens

Under my Skin Art Workshop (Not Recorded)

She Her Hers Uplifting our Voices through Faith

Community Conversations: Language Matters (pending)

Becoming Well Through Self Care (pending)

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Stigma Stories

More Stigma Stories

Entertainment 2023

Here We Are: Voices of Black Women who Live with HIV