Art Gallery

Untitled by Sabri AL Qurahsi 3rd Place 2021

Me Too by Jeanette Berry, Honorable Mention 2021

Four Faces of Shame: The Stigma of HIV/AIDS is Real by Madison Smith, Honorable Mention 2021

Untitled by Gregg Cassin, Honorable Mention 2021

Innocence by Jean Berry 2nd Place 2020

2020 Conference 

Thoughts by Mireim Alibrahim 1st Place 2019

The Debt by Doudgy Charmant “Dew the Artist” 2nd Place 2019

Double Mission by Gafar Oluwabari 3rd Place 2019

Broken Tears by Doudgy Charment “Dew the Artist” 1st Place 2018

Brighter Day by Kirk Maynard 3rd Place 2018

Damaged Goods by Adam Edwards

U=U by Sheldon Raymore

Richard Beanes

Dolls by Cynthia Davis

Rory Baker

Myke Johnson

Isolation by Rebecca Etienne

by Michelle Harris


AIDS Ride South Africa by Janice Urbsitis

AIDS Ride South Africa by Janice Urbsitis

TK Hampton, Street Works