Latinos United Against HIV Stigma

Latinos United Against HIV Stigma is a focused workgroup with the mission of working to get rid of the stigma HIV carries. We strive to eradicate the stigma and discrimination those who don’t understand the disease have through education and involvement. We also work to reduce internalized stigma those with HIV may feel towards themselves. HIV is a human disease that can happen to anyone. Regardless of one’s diagnosis, everyone should be treated equitably without facing the threat of discrimination throughout society. It is important for the Latino community, specifically to come together and work on breaking down stereotypes present within our own families, neighborhoods, and workplaces. This group is open to anyone who’s willing to work with the Latino community to help actualize our goal of getting rid of HIV related stigma and stereotypes. read more

Who can you tell?

Message from the PostitiveEntrempowerment Heterosexual Men’s Workgroup

“If you are not at the Table you are on the Menu.” This terminology sounds familiar to many, but what happens when you, ”ARE NOT ON THE MENU.” Heterosexual men are not included in research, prevention, care, vaccine trails, biomedical prevention, when it relates to studies and clinical trials.

Therefore left out of these important strategies of Ending the HIV epidemic, the internal and external stigma permeates further. Many programs are linked to certain modes of transmission, and exclude others. The time has come for inclusion of the Denver Principles and MIPA as it relates to Heterosexual Men. We know there are special populations that will receive more attention, but we cannot negate the aspect of the need for equity. We are not asking for equality. read more

Introduction to Internalized Stigma and Our Interest Group

“If you have a stereotype message thrown at you often enough it can start to

sink in, like maybe it’s really true about you.  When it isn’t.” 

The many ways that people negatively stereotype, denigrate, and discriminate against each other based on social identities or personal situations is called “societal stigmatization” or just “stigma.”  Whether around HIV, mental health, race, gender, religion, or anything else, the harm done by oppression is hurtful and dangerous.

This harm is compounded by internalized stigma – when a person absorbs negative stereotypes from their social environment into their thinking about themselves as true.  Also called “self stigma,” internalized stigma can be about any disparaged social identity (e.g., internalized racism, internalized sexism, internalized homophobia, etc.) or health or life condition. For example, it is estimated that over 40% of people living with schizophrenia have moderate or high levels of internalized stigma (Brohan et al., 2010), and over 79% of individuals living with HIV endorse one or more HIV-related stigma statements (Baugher et al., 2017). Such internalized stigma is directly related to subjective distress and negative health outcomes, noted below. read more

Say it Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud

Say it Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud
By Pastor Sande Bailey-Gwinn

February 7 we rally together for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (#NBHAAD), observed annually on this date to increase awareness, spark conversations, highlight the work to reduce HIV in Black or African American communities in the United States, and show support for people who are living and thriving with HIV in these communities. [read more]

2021 International Conference on Stigma

November 15-19, 2021, Virtual Event

The 12th annual Howard University International Conference on Stigma was held as a virtual 5-day event again this year. The event included research plenary sessions, panels, and workshops, a town hall, entertainment, artwork, and a lively international session. The conference had more than 700 registrants. Participants logged in from at least 32 countries and territories!

From our 2021 attendees:

” This conference was amazing as always! I loved the addition of the Hip-Hop session and hope to have more sessions on the influence of pop culture/media related topics on stigma. Would also love more sessions on mental health.” read more

2020 International Conference on Stigma

November 16-20, 2020, Virtual Event

The 11th annual Howard University International Conference on Stigma was held as a virtual event for the first time ever. Using the Whova app, our one-day event was successfully expanded to a five-day event. The event included research plenary sessions, panels, and workshops, a town hall, entertainment, artwork, and a lively international session with nine nations represented. The conference had 1571 registrants, with at least 1100 people attending at least one session. Participants logged in from at least 14 countries and territories. read more

New Elton John Video on HIV and Stigma

Click the image to see a new video message from the Elton John Foundation

From our 2019 attendees:

“Saxophone player was awesome!”

“Performances helped me see that I’m the way I am and will not let others put me down because of it”

“There is some denial concerning progress in educating the public about stigma. This conference is proof of progress”

“It gets better every year”

“Young panelists were fierce for being open, honest, and well informed”

“Glorious passion around stigma reduction”

“I liked the combination of scientific research and personal stories, because the former provided evidence to change policy while the latter was the human element that changes hearts” read more

From our 2018 International Conference on Stigma

“I enjoyed the dialogue between the moderator and panelists-it was open, honest and informative.”

“Information coupled with personal experiences”

“The movie was great – 90 Days”

“Great variety of flow”

“Approach of addressing stigma from an empowerment perspective”

“The posters were fantastic. So much great content and wonderful presentations”

“Speaking truth”

“Very real!”

“ Yay for bringing disability into the conversation. Also great diversity with age, gender and experiences” read more

From our 2017 Conference on Stigma

Comments from International Conference on Stigma 2017! Stay tuned as we will be adding more:

  • "Phill is inspiring!"
  • "I enjoyed the information on PrEP Stigma"
  • "There was a real connection and intersectionality"
  • "Wonderful panel with concrete evidence of research findings"

read more >

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