Conference Committees

(Bold indicates committee chair or co-chair.)

Conference Director: Sohail Rana, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics and Child Health, Howard University

Assistant Directors: Patricia Houston and Rebecca Vargas-Jackson

Program and Registration Committee: Patricia Houston, Chandni Parikh, Sophia Patel

Fundraising Committee: Caroline Reed, Jamese Massey, Sohail Rana, Brandy Svendson, William Preston

Logistics Committee: Javed Khan, Joanne Adelberg, Rebecca Vargas-Jackson,Saher Iqbal

CME Subcommittee: Chandni ParikhReception Subcommittee: Cynthia Flores, Daniel Hall, Cynthia Gipson, Porscha Hall

Publicity, Outreach, Advertising Committee: Lisa Fager Bediako,Khadijah Abdullah,Iro Summers, Bernadine Toye, Michael Roundtree

Youth Outreach/School Project Subcommittee: Sophia Patel

Scientific, Evaluation and Publication Committee:Suneeta Kumari, Javed Khan, Donna Baird, Marcos Reyes-Estrada, Jesus D Felizzola

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