We highly recommend that everyone attending the 2014 International Conference on Stigma take public transportation to Howard University College of Medicine.

How to get to Howard University VIA Metro: Take the Green/Yellow Line Metro to Shaw/Howard University. Exit at the side toward Howard University. Once you reach ground level, there will be a bus stand to your left. If you don’t want to walk, please wait for the Howard University Shuttle Bus which stops every 10 – 15 minutes. Board the bus by showing your state issued ID (driver’s license or other official ID). Once you board the bus, please let the bus driver know that you are going to the College of Medicine on W Street (W street is between 2 stops, so you will either have to get off before it at the Hospital, or after it at the Bookstore- The Bookstore may be a little less confusing.). Once you exit the bus at the Bookstore walk 1/2 block south to W street. Turn left on W Street and The College of Medicine is about two and a half blocks down W Street from Georgia Ave, on the Right. You can always ask students or officers on campus for directions in case you get lost. Alternatively, from the metro, you can walk north up Georgia Avenue (they way you are facing when you exit Metro) about 4 blocks to W St and make a right. Continue 2 blocks and the College of Medicine will be on your right. It will be about a 10 minute walk.

If you drive, there is on street metered parking (you can pay with an App) which allows you to park up to 2 hours at a time only. Two hours means 2 hours. Once your 2 hours are up, you will need to move your car or you risk getting ticketed by the Washington DC transportation police. Please do not become a parking ticket victim! We will have limited complementary parking, but that will be reserved for speakers and VIPs. There is no free parking at all on campus. If you would like to park at Howard University Hospital and pay per hour, then that is also suggested. Parking rates are about $2 per hour. Once you park your car at the hospital in the FRONT lot, it is a short walk north of the hospital to W Street and the College of Medicine, and there is an alleyway you can cut though after you pass the Emergency room entrance.  Once you come through the alleyway make a Right onto W Street and the College of Medicine is one block down on the right. Alternatively if you park in the BACK lot you will walk up 5th street and make a left on W Street, and the College of Medicine will be on your left.

Howard University College of Medicine address: 520 W St NW, Washington, DC 20059.  Please look for the Conference signs showing where to enter.  *****NOTE***** Due to our temporary change in venue this year, there are different security protocols at the College of Medicine.  EVERYONE will need to go through the  security guard at the door and you must show some type of picture ID- Driver’s License or other State provided ID.

Below is a map from the Metro to the College of Medicine. If you decide to walk, this walk is just under a mile. If you wait for the Howard University Shuttle Bus, the bus will travel most of this route.