Abstracts 2015

Conference Theme: “Looking Inward, Moving Forward”

Howard University, Washington DC, Friday, November 20, 2015
Deadline for Submission: October  9, 2015 by 5:00pm (EST)
The overarching goals of this conference are to increase awareness about HIV-related stigma as a major barrier to prevention and treatment of HIV and a violation of human rights; and to educate health care providers and the general community about interventions to eradicate HIV-related stigma. We are looking for original work that addresses HIV and stigma, HIV and human rights, or stigma and human rights to be presented as a POSTER. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • The impact of stigma on the lives of individuals living with HIV.
  • The role of the faith-based or community-based organizations in addressing stigma.
  • The role of healthcare providers in perpetuating or eliminating HIV-related stigma.
  • The role of media in promoting or eradicating stigma.
  • The intersection of identity-based discrimination and HIV-related stigma and its impact on vulnerable populations (i.e. racial minorities, LGBTQ population, poor people, and women).
  • Evaluations of stigma prevention programs or stigma reduction/intervention programs.
  • Identifying the stakeholders and/or policy changes needed to address HIV-related stigma.
  • Narratives or personal reflections from persons living with HIV or their family and friends.
  • Making leaders accountable: The role of human rights and leadership development programs.

Abstract Guidelines: Submit an abstract, maximum 300 words, to Beatrice Charles, b_charles@howard.edu by 5:00pm (EST) on Friday October 9, 2015. Please include the full name, position/job title, affiliation and email address of each contributing author at the top of the page along with the abstract title. Author information and the abstract title are not included in the 300 word count. First author/presenter must register for the conference if abstract is accepted. Notifications will be sent by October 23, 2015. These are poster presentations only. Students are welcome!

For questions about the abstracts contact Victoria Hoverman at vwatson@masonlive.gmu.edu. For general questions about the conference contact Patricia Houston at phouston@howard.edu.