From our 2018 International Conference on Stigma

“I enjoyed the dialogue between the moderator and panelists-it was open, honest and informative.”

“Information coupled with personal experiences”

“The movie was great – 90 Days”

“Great variety of flow”

“Approach of addressing stigma from an empowerment perspective”

“The posters were fantastic. So much great content and wonderful presentations”

“Speaking truth”

“Very real!”

“ Yay for bringing disability into the conversation. Also great diversity with age, gender and experiences”

“Boldness and Authenticity”

“The way some speakers cut through the layers that some academics unnecessarily add, and get to the points on stigma, racism, intersectionality, oppression. Love that.”

“Real content on Black people, and conducting research”

“Real and Raw”

“Love local entertainment!”

“I’ve never seen so much networking at this event. It was amazing”

4 responses to “From our 2018 International Conference on Stigma”

  1. Saifullah Ahmadzai says:

    I am very impressed to the profile and 2019 conference we will join

  2. Cherylle says:

    I’m interested.

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