Latinos United Against HIV Stigma

Latinos United Against HIV Stigma is a focused workgroup with the mission of working to get rid of the stigma HIV carries. We strive to eradicate the stigma and discrimination those who don’t understand the disease have through education and involvement. We also work to reduce internalized stigma those with HIV may feel towards themselves. HIV is a human disease that can happen to anyone. Regardless of one’s diagnosis, everyone should be treated equitably without facing the threat of discrimination throughout society. It is important for the Latino community, specifically to come together and work on breaking down stereotypes present within our own families, neighborhoods, and workplaces. This group is open to anyone who’s willing to work with the Latino community to help actualize our goal of getting rid of HIV related stigma and stereotypes.

Alberto Bermudez Perez is working to build this group. If you are interested in working with him, contact him at

Click HERE to learn more about Alberto.

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  1. Let’s talk on my bilingual hiv Hispanic community issues

  2. Grace Nabukwasi says:

    Reading about Bermudez Perez story tells me that with determination we can work together to live longer and help others.

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