Multimedia Art Gallery

“Someone you know and love”    First Place, 2021

Someone You Know and Love, an anti-stigma campaign to empower people living with HIV and educate the community. Boston EMA Ryan White Planning Council, Consumer Committee

“Stigma Free”

Video by Born Talented Achievers, Uganda, Honorable Mention, 2021



Song by Glen Roethel, Honorable Mention, 2021



Video by Tariro Kutadza, Honorable Mention, 2021


“Born Talented”

Video by Born Talented Achievers, Uganda, First Place, 2020


“Do you know?”

2020 Submission .  “Do You Know?” is a 10-part series on AIDS that follows a group of college friends and the risky behavior they often face, and the fateful decisions they sometimes make when it comes to having sex. It was written and Produced by Dr. Venise Berry at the University of Iowa to test how effective medical messages can be to African American youth through videos and social media.



2020 Submission. Created and Directed by Kosisochi Akubuze


“Fight HIV”

2019 Submission. Song, Y Plus Music Band



2018 Submission. A beautiful tribute made by a South African husband to his wife.


“Faces of PHACS”

2017 Submission. Three American young adults discuss growing up HIV positive and finding paths to resilience while navigating the challenges of HIV stigma, disclosing their status to others, and taking lifelong medications to manage their HIV. Produced by the Pediatric HIV/AIDS Cohort Study.